Halocore SAP Auditing

Identify Holes in Your SAP Security

Most companies running their businesses on SAP have very little knowledge and control over how documents extracted from SAP systems and applications are being shared or who is accessing them. This leaves companies at a high risk of data loss due to malicious or accidental actions. Adding a Halocore auditing solution not only logs SAP activity, but also increases security and awareness within the enterprise.

By providing the ability to view the who, what, where, and when of any given transaction, managers can identify insider threats amongst employees or contractors. The data retrieved in the audit log will clearly tell if, for example, employees in the sales department have unforeseen access to sensitive HR or financial information. This pure visibility into business activities allows an enterprise to isolate their internal threats and close the gaps in SAP security for optimal data integrity.

Monitor, record, and classify all activity surrounding your business-critical data as it is exported from SAP. Halocore’s enhanced logging and auditing features give you critical visibility into sensitive data distribution, allowing internal and external audit teams to identify risky areas, users, or transactions. Unlike other auditing solutions, Halocore not only records activity, but also adds intelligent classification. All extraction activity is aggregated in a fully customizable audit log, which visualizes data downloads based on user, file type, file size, transaction, application, path, terminal, IP address, and classification label. The audit log is a powerful tool can help you prevent sensitive data loss and lower compliance costs.

SAP Business Objects/Business Intelligence Dashboards and GRC Compliance

Halocore’s auditing solution can be fully integrated into existing analytics tools such as SAP Business Objects and Business Intelligence solutions, to create dashboards for complete visualization of extracted data. Governance, Risk, and Compliance regulations rely heavily on the ability to know what actions are being taken with the sensitive information that must remain secure. Since data today is digital and always in use and in motion, it is necessary to be able to provide a virtual audit trail, showing that sensitive data is being controlled and regulated within the enterprise and within national and international compliance guidelines.

Gain full visibility of employee SAP activity

Track sensitive data usage and movement to identify potentially risky actions and prevent unwanted information disclosure. Halocore visualizes data downloads based on user, file type, file size, transaction, application, path, terminal, and IP address of where the file came from and where it is going to. All download activity is aggregated into a fully customizable audit log.

Add intelligent classification

Halocore’s auditing solution offers the ability to add intelligent classification to the audit log. Entries can be filtered into customized, configurable groups based on functional area, department code, transaction type, or geographic region. Easily monitor and analyze download activity surrounding confidential HR data or private financial reports.

Tracking sensitive data usage is an essential part of an effective auditing and compliance strategy.

If you are like most SAP users, you probably lack the essential knowledge of:

– What sensitive data you have
– Where it resides inside and outside of the enterprise
– Who is accessing your data
– How users are accessing it
– What actions they perform with it


Extract data for powerful analysis

The audit log is displayed via a customizable table-view that can be filtered and sorted, so you get exactly the information you are looking for. Additionally, the audited data can be integrated into your existing analytics framework and extracted to powerful tools such as SAP Business Intelligence and Analytics solutions. For example, the audit team can analyze download activity around confidential HR information for a specific personnel area or financial reports of a particular legal entity.


Maintain a full audit trail for compliance purposes

Gain visibility into compliance-related data exports from SAP. Compliance regulations require companies to show that they can track and monitor who accessed a particular type of sensitive data and what actions they took with it. With Halocore, you can significantly simplify internal auditing processes, while lowering compliance costs, as you can easily track access and movement of regulated data, even outside of the organization.