Titus Classification Suit

Data Identification

Identify the business value of unstructured data at the time of creation,
so that your organization knows what data it has and how it should be
protected. From automated classification to user-driven classification
built into the user’s regular workflow, TITUS Classification provides
the most advanced and flexible solution to meet your business needs.

Security Awareness

Automatically add visual markings and handling instructions to email and documents. TITUS applies dynamic headers, footers, watermarks, and other markings to raise user awareness about the sensitivity and business value of corporate information

User Engagement

Promote a culture of security by making users aware of their responsibilities when handling sensitive information. As users handle email and documents, TITUS enforces security policy and provides targeted, interactive education so that security becomes everyone’s responsibility


Content Protection

Apply persistent protection to email and documents with Microsoft Rights Management Services (RMS) and S/MIME. TITUS provides the ideal front-end to RMS and S/MIME by automatically protecting information based on classification, content, recipients, and other attributes.


DLP Optimization

Increase the accuracy and effectiveness of data loss prevention (DLP) solutions with data classification. As a front-end to DLP and other security solutions, TITUS identifies sensitive data so that your security team can optimize security policy and focus on the highest-risk areas.


Retention Management

Capture retention-related metadata as users create and send information, so that your organization can make informed decisions about archiving, storage, retention, and deletion. TITUS classification metadata can be mapped to retention policies, enabling archiving systems to delete information as it goes from asset to liability.

Mobile Security

Mitigate the risks of mobile information sharing by extending the benefits of classification to your mobile workforce. TITUS Classification for Mobile applies classification, prevents data loss, and controls document sharing, so that your users can work securely from desktop to mobile device.


User Behavior Reporting

Identify insider threats and monitor the effectiveness of security policies by analyzing how your users interact with sensitive information. As users work with email, documents and files, TITUS logs meaningful activities for detailed reporting, analytics, and threat detection.

Easy Implementation

TITUS Classification is intuitive and easy to use, with low operational impact on an organization’s technology infrastructure and IT team. From desktop to mobile device, the products integrate into the user’s familiar environment and workflow, and are easy to install, configure, and maintain with a centralized administration console